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Nottamun Town (2016) (8 min) for Soprano and Harp
Premiere: Rachel Schutz, soprano and harp, Stony Brook Chamber Music Festival,  May 5, 2016

Fantasy II for Flute and Accordion (2015) (11 min) 
Commissioned by Duo Cassoto: Ray Furuta, flute, Merima Ključo, Accordion.

Elegy for Horn and Wind Ensemble (2014)(8 min)
An arrangement of the last movement of the Horn Trio (2013) 
Premiere: Amr Selim, horn; Stony Brook Wind Ensemble, Bruce Engel, conductor, April 15, 2015

Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano (2013) (20 min)
Commissioned by Chamberosity (Jeff Forden, Linda Sinanian, Christine Doré), Stony Brook (Tribute concert for Peter Winkler)  Oct. 12, 2014.
Recording: Chamberosity, 2015 (self-published CD)

"How Can I Keep from Singing?" Variations for Violin and Piano (2012) (11 min) 
Premiere: 50th Anniversary Concert, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stony Brook, Oct. 20, 2012

Seven Bagatelles (solo piano)(2011) (15 min)
The first (VII in final set) commissioned by Phoenix Concerts, Inc. Premiere: Peter Winkler, piano, St. Matthew and St. Timothy’s Church, NYC, March 18, 2011
The remainder written, to a commission from Jeffrey Marcus, from June 2011-January 2012.  Premiere: Jeffrey Marcus, piano, Adelphi University, October 2013; also performed in Wald, Germany.

Phoebe in the Green Hall (3 violins) (2011)
Composed for Thalia Greenhaulgh's Summer Violin Camp.  Premiere: Greenport, NY, July 2011.

Introduction and Slow Drag (violin, piano) (2010) (c. 6:00)
An adaptation of portions of the Fantasy for Cello and Cello Ensemble. Premiere: Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, (Le) Poisson Rouge, July 13, 2010

Stony Brook Fanfare for wind ensemble (2009) (1:09)
Composed for the inauguration of Stony Brook President Samuel Stanley. 
Premiered by the Stony Brook Wind Ensemble, October 23, 2009.

Shirley’s Fiddle Farewell for two violins (2009)(3:30) 
Premiere: retirement program for Shirley Strum Kenney, performed by Philip Setzer and Joanna Kaczorowska,  Stony Brook, June 23, 2009

Sarabande-Tombeau for violin, gamba, and harpsichord (2001-2008) (10 min.)
Premiere: Flying Forms, Stony Brook University Alumni Concert, February 10, 2008

Fantasy for Cello and Cello Ensemble (2007) (14 min.)  
Colin Carr, solo, with cellist from the Stony Brook Graduate Program.  
Premiere: Stony Brook Premieres Series, February 25, 2008
Recording: Colin Carr and ensemble, Stony Brook Soundings Vol. 2, Bridge 9319, 2010)

Elliptic Bounce (trombone, bass) (2007) (9 min.)
Ray Anderson, Joseph Carver, Staller Center Recital Hall, April 24, 2007

Cabo Maio (violin, piano)(2006) (8 min.)
Premiere: Dorothea Cook, Peter Winkler, Stony Brook, November 2006

Morning Breeze (flute, oboe/duduk, guitar)(2006) (4 min.)
For the Constellation Trio: Linda Weatherall, flute; Terry Keevil, oboe and duduk, Steve Salerno, guitar

The Darkling Spring: Fantasia a5 for Low Consort (2006) (low viols: 1 tenor, 2 bass, 1 G violone, 1 Viennese Bass) (8 min.) 
Low Groove, Joseph Carver, director; Staller Recital Hall, April 25. 2006

Saying Goodbye (violin, piano) (2005) (3:21)
Dorothea Cook, Peter Winkler, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stony Brook, November 5, 2005

Walnut Hill (violin, piano) (2005) (11 min.)
Premiere: Dorothea Cook, violin; Peter Winkler, piano; Methow Music Festival, Winthrop, WA, August 2005

Gathering Reel / Departing Reel (2004-05)  Chamber orchestra (2-2-2-2 2-2-2 2 perc. Timp Str)
Gathering Reel Premiere: Stony Brook Summer Music Festival, Staller Recital Hall, Aug. 8, 2004
Departing Reel premiere: Stony Brook University Orchestra, May 3, 2005

Remembering  (text by Wendell Berry) (2003) Voice and piano or guitar. (7 min.)
Cordelia Chenault, voice; Peter Winkler, piano; UUFSB, November 5, 2005  
Kent Gustavson, voice, Peter Winkler, piano; Stony Brook, March 29, 2007

Betty's Creek  (waltz for violin and piano) (2003) (6 min.) 
Dorothea Cook, Peter Winkler; numerous performances, including Methow Music Festival, Winthrop, WA, August 2005
Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Mississippi John (Guitar, Piano, Harpsichord) (2003)
Kent Gustavson, Gabriel Shuford, Dorothea Cook, Peter Winkler, Stony Brook, March 29 2007

Gili's Music (bassoon and cello) (2003) (8 min)
Premiere: Gili Sharett, bassoon; Lawrence Zoernig, cello; Center For Jewish History, New York, NY Aug. 3 2004

A Midsummer Overture (Orchestra, 2-2-2-2-4-3-3-1, 3 perc., harp, strings) (2002, revised 2003) (9:30 min) 
Commissioned by Midsummer Musical Retreat. 
Premiere: Midsummer Musical Retreat Orchestra, conducted by Roupen Shakarian, Cordiner Hall, Whitman College, Walla Walla WA Aug. 3, 2002. 
Revised version premiered by Philharmonia Northwest, Roupen Shakarian conducting, Seattle, April 6, 2003.

Partita (Baroque Ensemble) (25 min.) (2001)
Commissioned by the Stony Brook Baroque Ensemble, Arthur Haas, director. 
Premiere: Stony Brook, May 5, 2002

Blue Ridge Samba (violin, piano) (3 min.) (2001)
Premiere: Midsummer Musical Retreat, Whitman College, Walla Walla WA Aug. 2, 2002            
Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Requiem Aeternam (in memory of the victims of September 11, 2001) Chorus or vocal ensemble, SATB (2001) (6 min.)
Premiere: Stony Brook, N.Y., (vocal quartet) October 18, 2001
Choral premiere: Midsummer Musical Retreat Chorus, conducted by Robert Scandrett, Cordiner Hall, Whitman College, Walla Walla WA Aug. 3, 2002
Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble, conducted by Loren Pontèn., Seattle, WA Sept. 11 and Oct. 29, 2002.

Sonata per Cembalo (harpsichord solo) (2001)(7 min.)
Premiere: Gabriel Shuford, harpsichord, Stony Brook, January 29, 2002

For the Beauty of the Earth (Chorale Prelude) (2000, rev. 2009, 2015) 
Premiers: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Stony Brook, services.  Dorothea Cook, Peter Winkler

Returning to the Root (1999-2000) (11 min.) (horn and piano)
Honorable Mention, International Horn Society 2003 Composition Contest
Premiere: Paul Basler, horn; Margaret Kampmeir, piano; Stony Brook, N.Y. Apr. 22, 2004.  
Jeff Forden, horn; Christine Dore, piano; Stony Brook Summer Music Festival, Aug. 1, 2004

Cowgirl Rag (1998) (7 min.) (2 violins and piano) 
Premiere (as Midsummer Rag)) Midsummer Musical Retreat, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. Aug. 1, 1998

Serenade for String Orchestra (1998) (23 min.)
Commissioned by the Kammergild Chamber Orchestra, Lazar Gosman, musical director
Premiere: Chesterfield, Mo., April 19, 1998. 
Performed by Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ignat Solzhenitsyn, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia  Feb. 28,2000;  Centennial Hall, Haverford, Pa. Feb. 2

Nine Waltzes (Piano Trio) (1997)(21 min.)
Commissioned by the Guild Trio.  
Premiere: The Guild Trio, Stony Brook, April 10, 1997
New York premiere: Hunter College, June 8, 1997. 
Performed by Anne-Marie Hoffman, violin; Sally Singer, cello; Molly Morkoski, piano: Nov. 9 (Long Island Composers Alliance), Nov. 30, and Dec. 5 (SCI regional conference) 1998, Sept. 30, 2000 (Earl Kim Memorial Concert), SUNY Stony Brook
Performed by North Shore Pro Musica,  Setauket, N.Y.,  Oct. 17, 1999

Fanfare for Stony Brook (Trumpet Solo) (1995) 
Premiere: April 28, 1995  (Inauguration of Stony Brook University President Shirley Strum Kenney)

One Light  (Male Chorus, TTBB, Piano, Percussion) (1994) (text: adapted from the Old Testament by Winston Clark)
Commissioned by the  Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus.  Premiere: New Haven, Hartford, and Southport, Conn., December 1994

Saboreando el Gusto Cubano  (Violin, Piano, Percussion) (1994) (5:20 min.)
First Hemispheric Conference, International Association for the Study of Popular Music,  Havana, Cuba, Oct. 6, 1994             Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Spiritual  (Viola, Piano) (1994) (4 min.)  
Premiere: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Stony Brook, February 1994

Sing Out The Old, Sing In the New  (Male Chorus - TTBB, Tuba, Violin obbligato) (text: Winston Clark) (1992)
Commissioned by the Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus
Premiere: New Haven, Hartford, and Southport, Conn.,December 1992

Waterborne (Violin and Tape) 16 min.(1991)
Premiere: Dorothea Cook, violin, Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.,March 1991
New York Premiere: Dorothea Cook, violin, Eclectix, CAMI Hall, May 22,1996.
Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Gospel Hymn (Violin, Piano) (1990) (7 min.)
Premiere: Dorothea Cook, violin, Peter Winkler, piano, Midsummer Musical Retreat, Port Townsend, WA., August l990
Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Solitaire (Clarinet solo) (4 min.) 
Commissioned by Philip Rehfeldt for Etudes for the 21st-Century Clarinetist: a Festschrift for Barney Childs 4 min. (1989)
Premiere: Redlands, Calif. February 1991
Recordings: Michael Lowenstern (bass clarinet) (Spasm, New World Records, 1996); Philip Rehfeldt, clarinet (Philip Rehfeldt plays New Music Advance Recordings FGR-81, 2001)

Wedding Hymn (Fl., Vln, Vla, Vc.) (4 min.) (1989)
Premiere: Seattle, Wash. August 1989

No Condition is Permanent (Fl., Cl., Vln., Vc./Electric Bs., Pno., Perc.) (25 min.) (1980-89)  
Commissioned by the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players
Premiere: Merkin Concert Hall, N.Y., March 1989
Performed by LUVME (Lehigh University Very Modern Ensemble), Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.,  November 11, 1992

Yaa Amponsah - Fantasy on a Ghanaian Popular Song (Vln., Pno) (10 min.) (1988)
Premiere:  Dorothea Cook, violin; Peter Winkler, piano, Port Townsend, WA, August 1988
Recording:  Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Recitativo e Terzetto (Ob., Cl., Bn.) (12 min.) (1980)
First Prize, New England Reed Trio Competition 2000.
Commissioned by the Redlands University Contemporary Music Ensemble
Premiere: Redlands University, Aug 15, 1980
New York Premiere: members of the New York Woodwind Quintet, Merkin Hall, December 1988

Clarinet Bouquet: Four Concert Rags (Cl., Pno., Bs.) (25 min.) (1976-80)  1. Fern Honey 2. Afterglow 3. Novembers 4. Rondo
New York Premiere: Jack Kreiselman, clarinet, Peter Winkler, piano, Erik Cohen, bass. Carnegie Recital Hall, Nov. 1980.  
This work was used as score for the dance Mnenosyne, performed by the Joan Lombardi Dance Company in New York, March 1982
Recording (violin-piano versions):  Afterglow and Fern Honey on Dorothea Cook and Peter Winkler, Silken Rags (self-published CD, 2004)

Symphony (orchestra, winds and brasses by 2's) (40 min.) (1971-78)(revised 2014-15)
Premiere: The Stony Brook Symphony, David Lawton, conductor; celebrating the opening of the Fine Arts Center at SUNY Stony Brook, October 31, 1979.
Premiere of revised version: The Stony Brook Symphony, Eduardo Leandro, conductor, Staller Center, March 28, 2015

Short Suites (Eleven intermediate-grade piano pieces) (15 min.) (1976)
Premiere: Stony Brook, N.Y., 1976

Caprice (solo electric guitar) (4 min.) (1973)
Premiere: Stony Brook, N.Y., l975

Do It!  (2 pianos) (written with Daniel Deutsch) (20 min.) (1973, rev. 1977) 
Daniel Deutsch and Peter Winkler, pianos, Stony Brook, May 1973
William Bolcom and Peter Winkler, pianos, Stony Brook, Feb. 1977

Ornithophonic Recrudescence (solo Baroque oboe or Eb clarinet;)  (6 min.) (1973) (based on Van Eyck's "The English Nightingale")
Premiere: Nora Post, oboe, Stony Brook 1973
Version for Eb clarinet: James Russell, Stony Brook, 1975 (?)

Ragtime Grackle (oboe solo, ad lib. piano and cantus firmus -viola or men's chorus - accompaniment) (1972)  (14 min.)
Performances by Nora Post, oboe, in various concerts, including Columbia University, C. W. Post College, Univ. of California at San Diego, and SUNY Stony Brook (1972-73)

Christmas Canons  (Canonic variations on Christmas carols) (16 min.)
Book I: Piano solo (Stille Nacht, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) 
Book II: Piano 4-hands (In Dulci Jubilo, Lo How a Rose, Jingle Bells, We Three Kings)
Book III: Double Chorale Prelude, Stille Nacht/Von Himmel Hoch (fl., trb., vln., vc., bells, organ)(1969-72)

Humoresque  (piano solo) (32 min.) (1968-70)
Finalist, League of Composers/ISCM International Piano Music Competition, 1976
New York premiere: Robert Black, piano, Carnegie Recital Hall, May 1977
Performances by the composer include Fromm Foundation Series, Harvard University (April 1977), and concerts at SUNY Stony Brook (1972), Brandeis University (1971), and the Composers' Forum, N.Y. (1970)

6 Piano Rags (1970-71):"Ragtime Nighthawk", "New Fat Fanny Stomp", "Plaster of Paris" (alternative title:"Purity Supreme"), "John's Valedictory", "Matrimony Rag (on themes from Bach's Wachet Auf)", "Wildwood Terrace"
Various performances, including broadcast on WBAI, New York (1971)

Praise of Silence (Text: Matthew Cartmill)(soprano solo, chorus, Renaissance ensemble, electronic tape) 11 min. 
Commissioned by the Nonesuch Consort, Joshua Rifkin, director (1969)

Spring Canons (Text: Song of Solomon II: 10-13, in Latin Vulgate)(SATB). 10 min. (1967, revised 1998)
Stony Brook Chamber Singers, Marguerite Brooks, conducting
Performances at Stony Brook and on tour in Germany (Summer 1985) and Bermuda (Spring 1980)

String Quartet  (1965-67) 15 min.
Performances by the Composers' Quartet:  Fromm Foundation Concert, Harvard University, March 1972; Princeton University, May 1967.  Performance conducted by composer, Composers' Forum, N.Y., March 1970

Three Canons  (piano solo) (1961-66) (5 min.)
Premiere: Princeton, N.J., May l966

But A Rose (text: Iva Kroeger)(Countertenor, piano 4-hands)  5 min. (1965)
Performances by John Thomas, countertenor, Buffalo Museum of Art (October 1968), Berkeley and San Francisco, Calif. (Spring 1965)

Four Excerpts for Orchestra (1964) (4 min.)
Premiere: University of California Symphony, Michael Senturia, conducting, May 1964

Canzona (organ)(1963)  (7 min.)
Premiere: Palo Alto, Calif.  Methodist Church, Aug. 1963

Etudes for 2 Horns (1963) (8 min.)
Premiere: Douglas Leedy and Nelson Green, horns, Berkeley, Calif., Spring 1964

Trio (fl., vc., pno.)(1962) (18 min.)
Premiere: Berkeley, Calif., Spring 1962           

Seven Short Pieces for Piano  (1961) (6 min.)
Premiere: Berkeley, Calif., March 1962

Sonata (vc., pno.) (1959) (7 min.)
Premiere: Aspen, Colorado, August 1959

Chant, Caprice (1956) (solo piano)
Premiere: Solo recital, Escondido, Calif., June 1958


Fox Fables (2008-10) (Libretto: Rhoda Levine with Peter Winkler)
Premiere of full version with chamber orchestra: Stony Brook Opera, Stony Brook, New York, March 25, 27, 2011;  Symphony Space, New York, March 31, 2011.  Andrew Fuchs, tenor; Wonjung Kim, soprano; Gloria Park, mezzo; David English and Tae Suk Suh, baritones.  Members of the Stony Brook Orchestra conducted by Timothy Long.  Directed by Rhoda Levine.

Performances of the full version with piano accompaniment:
Stony Brook Opera (see cast above) Brookhaven National Laboratory, March 23, 2011
Boston Metro Opera, (concert performance): (winner, 2011 Americana Festival Competition) May 7, 2011: Christopher Aaron Smith, tenor; Kaila Frymire, soprano; Julia Cavallaro, mezzo, Tucker Williams, baritone.

Workshop performances of scenes:
The Fox and the Grapes (14 min.); The Fox and the Hen (9½ min)
Premiere: John Duffy Composers Institute, Norfolk, Va. May 31, 2009

The Lion and the Fox (13 min)
Premiere: John Duffy Composers Institute, Norfolk, Va. June 5, 2010




The Dazzling Dollar Store Divas (Text: Winston Clark)(2007) (1 act, 9 numbers) 
Commissioned by the Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus.  
Performances: April 21, 29, May 12, 19, 2007, various venues in Connecticut

Out!  (text: Winston Clark) (1997) (Male Chorus, TTBB, including soloists; Piano, Percussion) (2 Acts, 23 numbers.  1 hour 30 min.)
Commissioned by the Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus
Premiere, 1-Act version: Shubert Theater, New Haven, Conn., March 30, 1996
Premiere, 2-Act version:  Shubert Theater, New Haven, March 22, 1997
Numerous subsequent performances, including Tampa, Fla., Provincetown, Mass.; Stony Brook University, N.Y.
Original Cast recording on Nutmeg Records NRCD 2001 (1999)

Blood Wedding (Federico Garcia Lorca) (1995) 4 songs, incidental music (Realized at the Stony Brook Computer Music Studio)
Produced by the Stony Brook University Theater, November 1995
Director: John Lutterbie

Tingle-Tangle: A Wedekind Cabaret (1994) (Frank Wedekind, trans. Eric Bentley.  Music by William Bolcom, Arnold Black, and Peter Winkler.)   10 songs
Produced at The Ballroom, New York City, July 1994
Director: Isaiah Sheffer

The Tempest (William Shakespeare) (1992) 7 songs, incidental music. (Realized at the Stony Brook Computer Music Studio)
Produced by the Stony Brook University Theater, April, l992. Director: Tom Newmiller

The Good Woman of Szechuan (Berthold Brecht, trans. Eric Bentley)(1991) 8 songs
Produced by the Hunter College Playhouse, October 30- November 7,  1991. Director: William Van Horn.  
Also produced by the Blackfriars Traveling Shakespeare Theater, Theatre Three, Port Jefferson, July 1992

Wonderland (book and lyrics by Ernst Muller, after Lewis Carroll) An adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland". 2 acts, 14 songs, incidental music
Produced in Summer, 1987, by the Great Neck summer musical theater workshop.  An earlier, one-act version, produced by Kids for Kids Productions, inc., toured Long Island area schools in 1986-87.
Director: Francine Harmon.

Professionally Speaking (music co-written with Fred Block; lyrics by Ernst Muller and Fred Block) A satirical revue about doctors, lawyers, teachers, and their victims.  2 acts, 20 songs
New York Production (Equity Off-Broadway contract) St. Peter's at Citicorp, May 22-June 8, 1986.  Director: Tony Tanner
Regional productions:           
          Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Off-Broadway Theater, Nov. 1988)           
          Portland, Ore. (Storefront Theater, Jan. 27 -Apr. 2, 1989)
          Port Jefferson, N.Y. (Theater Three, Dec. 31, 1983-May 13, 1984 and 1989)
          Redding, Conn. (Spinning Wheel Inn, 1985)
The song, "Tamara, Queen of the Nile" from this show was recorded by Joan Morris and William Bolcom on RCA AM4-5830 (Lime Jello: An American Cabaret, 1986) and by Jody Karin Applebaum and Marc-Andre Hamelin on Albany TROY744 (Serious Fun, 2006)

Video Skids  (book and lyrics by Ernst Muller and William Van Horn) Satirical revue about television. 2 acts, 8 songs, incidental music
Produced by Theater Three Productions, Port Jefferson,N.Y.,Aug.-Sept. 1986

Berlin in Light (book and lyrics: Winston Clark) Recreation of a Berlin cabaret in 1933.  2 acts, 11 original songs (plus several songs from the period)
New York Production (Equity Showcase contract) No Smoking Playhouse, Oct 18.-Nov. 4, 1985. Director: Winston Clark

Little Women (adapted from Louisa May Alcott's book) 3 acts; 2 original songs; incidental music and arrangements of 20 period songs for soloists, small chorus, and chamber ensemble
Produced by Stony Brook University Theater, December 1982

Suburbia (co-written with Ernst Muller and Fred Block) A satirical revue.  2 acts, 20 songs
Produced by Theater Three Productions, Port Jefferson, N.Y., Jan.-Apr. 1981

The Maker of Dreams (book and lyrics: Oliphant Down) 1 act, 3 original songs, incidental music             
Chadwick School, Rolling Hills, Calif., Spring 1959

Hurrah for Anything (Poems of Kenneth Patchen, arr. and adapted by Matt Cartmill).  Vocal recitation and semi-improvised piano
Premiere: Chadwick School, Rolling Hills, Calif. 1958



1. Incidental music and arrangements for theatrical productions

Figaro/Figaro (Eric Overmyer-Beaumarchais-Ödön von Horváth) Incidental music and one song
Stony Brook University Theater, April 8-18, 2010

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Newley-Bricuse) Arrangements and incidental music
Kids for Kids Productions, Centerreach, N.Y., March 1985. 

South Pacific (Rodgers-Hammerstein) Additional incidental music and orchestrations
Stony Brook University Theater, March 1982

Fashion, Or Life in New York  Incidental music and arrangements
Stony Brook Summer Theater, July 1981

Agamemnon (Aeschylus) Electronic and musique concrete incidental music, realized at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Studios
Directed by Anthony Stimac, produced by the McCarter Theater, Princeton, N.J., Fall 1966

2. Incidental music for television and radio

North with the Spring Incidental music (fl., sax., vln., vc., pno., gtr., bs., dr.) for the television documentary directed by Beryl Fox. Document Associates, N.Y., 1969

Music for eight radio dramas, including Ghelderode's Red Magic, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and adaptations of stories by Henry James, Virginia Woolf, and others for Erik Bauersfeld's Black Mass radio series.  KPFA, Berkeley, 1964



Of the 25 or so songs not written for the shows listed above, the most important are:

            “When Nothing is Wrong” (lyrics: Peter Halperin)(2009)

            "Lorena" (lyrics: Winston Clark) (1993)

            "Skittely Doo Dat" (lyrics: Frank Milan and Peter Winkler)(1991)

            "Old Fox" (lyrics: Beth Carter and Peter Winkler)(1990)

            "The Girl I've Never Found" (lyrics: Winston Clark)(1988)

            "Sally Jean"  (lyrics: Winston Clark) (1985)

            "Wanda Faye Jefferson" (lyrics: Ramona Dillahunt and Winston Clark) (1985)

            "Stony Brook Alma Mater" (lyrics: Winston Clark) (1985)

            "Finnish National Anthem" (lyrics: Berthold Brecht, translated by Michael Feingold)
                  for the Yale Repertory Theater production of Brecht's Mr. Puntila and His Chauffeur Matty (1977)

            "Sweet Gene" (lyrics: Peter Winkler)(1979)



Frederic Chopin: Waltzes and Mazurkas 
Commissioned by the Guild Trio.
I. Waltz, Op. 70 No. 3;  II.  Mazurka, Op. 50 No. 1; III. Waltz, KK IVb No. 10; IV. Mazurka, Op. 59 No. 3; V. Waltz KK. IVa No. 15
Premiere: Stony Brook, April 10,. 1997
New York premiere: Hunter College, June 8, 1997

Two Chanukah Songs: “Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages)” (traditional) and “The Hand That Lights the Candle” (Stacy Beyer) Orchestra and Chorus
Commissioned by Warner Bros. records and the Nashville Symphony
Premiere: Nashville, Tenn., November 1992

Our Love is Here to Stay (Gershwin) arranged for organ “In Stile Antico” (a la Buxtehude)(1992)
Simon Tov and Erev Shel Shoshanim String Trio (1989)
also Piano Quartet (1993)


Transcriptions of classic Jazz recordings (1975-1990):

Stephane Grapelli, violin: "Stardust", "Nuages"
Eric Dolphy, bass clarinet: "God Bless the Child"
Benny Goodman (quartet and band): "Sing, Sing, Sing", “I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas", "Opus 3/4", "Body and Soul"
Sidney Bechet (clarinet): "Blue Horizon"
Duke Ellington (band and small groups): "Things Ain't What They Used to Be", "Mood Indigo", "Passion Flower", "It Don't  Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing"
Jelly Roll Morton band: "Dead Man's Blues"
Artie Shaw band: "Blues Jam", "Begin the Beguine", "Concerto for Clarinet"

The Grapelli transcriptions are in the repertoire of "Silken Rags" (Dorothea Cook, violin; Peter Winkler, piano).  The others were written for performances by Jack Kreiselman, clarinet, Peter Winkler, piano, and others, at a series of concerts given from 1975-1979.



Cadenzas for Mozart's violin concerto, G major, K. 216 (1975)

Cadenzas for Mozart's piano concerto, Eb major, K. 488 (1962)