Elegy for Horn Solo and Wind Ensemble



The rich harmonies of this character piece were inspired by the music of the great jazz arranger, Gil Evans. The music begins with a dialogue between mysterious, slow-moving, chords and hesitant, fragmentary utterances by the solo horn. The dialogue resolves into a slow, mournful elegy, begun by the wind ensemble and continued by the horn. The elegy in turn gives way to a gently nostalgic song, heard over a gentle Latin rhythm. As the song dies away, the ensemble gathers itself for a short, exuberant dash to the finish.

This music is an arrangement of the final movement of my Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano, commissioned by Chamberosity (Jeff Forden, Linda Sinanian, and Christine Doré). The wind ensemble version was written for Amr Selim, the Stony Brook University Wind Ensemble,  and its fine conductor Bruce Engel.

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