Phoebe in the Green Hall (2011)

           This music was written for the 2011 Summer Violin Camp organized by master Suzuki teacher Thalia Greenhalgh.  It was written to be performed by all the participants in the camp;  the violin 1 part is the easiest; the parts for violins 2 and 3, with their shuffle bowing, are a bit more demanding.   A piano part is included, but is not essential.  The music can also be performed by a solo violin (playing the violin 1 part) and piano.

            The piece was inspired by traditional American fiddle music;  it begins with a slow hymn, then launches into a fiddle tune.   “Phoebe” refers to the call of the black-capped chickadee, a bird whose singing we often at Thalia’s home in Greenport, N.Y.  “Green Hall” is a play on Thalia’s last name, but also refers to the beautiful space in her home where this music was first heard.  The chickadee’s falling-third “Phoebe” call is heard at the beginning of the fiddle tune; the hymn begins with a rising third – “Phoebe” upside-down (or backward, whichever you prefer). 

You can purchase the score by clicking on the sample page below. Parts are also available, including optional parts for viola and cello; please write the composer to obtain these.

Score Available for Purchase

(Please contact the composer for individual parts. Optional viola and cello parts are also available.)