Solo Instrumental

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Seven Bagatelles (solo piano)(2011) (18 min)

Sonata per Cembalo (harpsichord solo) (2001)(7 min.)

Solitaire  (Clarinet solo) (4 min.)             

Short Suites (Eleven intermediate-grade piano pieces) (15 min.) (1976)

Ornithophonic Recrudescence (solo Baroque oboe or Eb clarinet;)  (6 min.) (1973)

Humoresque  (piano solo) (32 min.) (1968-70)

6 Piano Rags (1970-71)

Christmas Canons  (Canonic variations on Christmas carols) (16 min.) Book I: Piano solo  (1969-70)

Three Canons  (piano solo) (1961-66) (5 min.)

Canzona (organ)(1963)  (7 min.)

Seven Short Pieces for Piano  (1961) (6 min.)

Silken Rags Logo.jpg

Silken Rags: music for violin and piano

The Silken Rags series is the outcome of years of collaboration with my wife, the violinist Dorothea Cook.   From the first moment  Deede and I played together in 1987, we knew there was a special musical chemistry between us.  We fell in love overnight and began a musical collaboration that has lasted ever since.

"Silken Rags," the name of our duo, suggests the combination of earthiness and elegance we aim for when we make music together.  This collection reflects our love of popular music of many kinds – gospel music, tango, American popular song, ragtime, etc.  – and our attempt to capture some of the spirit and feeling of these styles within the medium of concert music for violin and piano.  

Silken Rags Collection: 

Gospel Hymn, Saboreando el Gusto Cubano, Afterglow, Le Tango Éternel, Fern Honey, Blue Ridge Samba, Betty's Creek.  

Available separately:

CD Available from CDBaby and other outlets.  The CD also includes "Yaa Amponsah" and "Waterborne"

CD Available from CDBaby and other outlets.

The CD also includes "Yaa Amponsah" and "Waterborne"

Gospel Hymn (1990) (7 min.)

Saboreando el Gusto Cubano (1994) (5:20 min.)

Afterglow (1976)

Le Tango Éternel (1985)

Fern Honey (1972)

Blue Ridge Samba (3 min.) (2001)

Betty's Creek (2003) (6 min.) 



  June Waltz (2016) (5:30 min.)       

 "How Can I Keep from Singing?" Variations for Violin and Piano (2012)

 Introduction and Slow Drag (2010)

Cabo Maio (2006) (8 min.)

Saying Goodbye (2005) (3:21)

Walnut Hill (2005) (11 min.)

 For the Beauty of the Earth (Chorale Prelude) (2000-2015) (3:40 min)

Yaa Amponsah - Fantasy on a Ghanaian Popular Song (1988) (10 min.)

chamber duos

Fantasy II for Flute and Accordion (2015) (11 min) 

Shirley’s Fiddle Farewell for two violins (2009)(3:30)

Elliptic Bounce (trombone, bass) (2007) (9 min.)

Mississippi John (Guitar, Piano and/or Harpsichord) (2003)

Gili's Music (bassoon and cello) (2003) (8 min)

Returning to the Root (1999-2000) (11 min.) (horn and piano)

Waterborne (Violin solo  and Tape) 16 min.(1991)

Do It!  (2 pianos) (written with Daniel Deutsch) (20 min.) (1973, rev. 1977) 

Christmas Canons  (Canonic variations on Christmas carols) Book II: Piano 4-hands (1970-71)

Etudes for 2 Horns (1963) (8 min.)

chamber ensemble (3-7 players)

Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano (2013) (20 min)

Phoebe in the Green Hall (3 violins) (2011)

Sarabande-Tombeau for violin, gamba, and harpsichord (2001-2008) (10 min.)

Fantasy for Cello and Cello Ensemble (7 Celli) (2007) (14 min.)

Morning Breeze (flute, oboe/duduk, guitar)(2006) (4 min.)

The Darkling Spring: Fantasia a5 for Low Consort (2006)

Cowgirl Rag  (1998) (7 min.) (2 violins and piano) 

Nine Waltzes (Piano Trio) (1997)(21 min.)

Wedding Hymn (Fl., Vln, Vla, Vc.) (4 min.) (1989)

No Condition is Permanent (Fl., Cl., Vln., Vc./Electric Bs., Pno., Perc.) (25 min.) (1980-89)  

Recitativo e Terzetto (Ob., Cl., Bn.) (12 min.) (1980)

Clarinet Bouquet: Four Concert Rags (Cl., Pno., Bs.) (1. Fern Honey; 2. Afterglow; 3. Novembers; 4. Rondo) (25 min.) (1976-80)

Ragtime Grackle (oboe solo, piano and cantus firmus -viola or men's chorus – accompaniment ad lib.) (1972)  (14 min.)

Christmas Canons  Book III: Double Chorale Prelude, Stille Nacht/Von Himmel Hoch (fl., trb., vln., vc., bells, organ) (1972)

String Quartet  (1965-67) 15 min.

Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano (1962) (18 min.)

orchestra, large ensemble

Elegía (2018) (String Orchestra) (11 min)

Nighthawks (1971-2017) for Jazz Big Band

Symphony (Orchestra, 2-2-2-2, 2-2-2, 4 perc., strings) (40 min.) (1971-78)(revised 2014-15)

Elegy for Horn and Wind Ensemble (2014)(8 min)

Stony Brook Fanfare (Wind ensemble) (2009) (1:09)

Gathering Reel / Departing Reel (2004-05)  Chamber orchestra (2-2-2-2, 2-2-2 2, perc., strings)

A Midsummer Overture (Orchestra, 2-2-2-2, 4-3-3-1, 3 perc., harp, strings) (2002, revised 2003)

Partita for Baroque Ensemble  (25 min.) (fl, bn., trpt., trb/sackbut, perc., strings, continuo) (2001)

Serenade for String Orchestra (1998) (23 min.)

songs, vocal works

Nottamun Town (Soprano, Harp) (2016) (8 min)

Remembering (text by Wendell Berry) (2003) Voice and piano or guitar. (7 min.)

“Tamara, Queen of the Nile” (lyrics by Ernst Muller) from Professionally Speaking. (1986) (4 min)

"Wanda Faye Jefferson" (lyrics: Ramona Dillahunt and Winston Clark) (1985)

"Stony Brook Alma Mater" (lyrics: Winston Clark) (1985)

But A Rose (text: Iva Kroeger) (Countertenor, piano 4-hands)  5 min. (1965)

opera, musical theater

The Herbert Situation (work in progress;  Libretto: Rhoda Levine with Peter Winkler) (One Act)

Fox Fables (2008-10) (Libretto: Rhoda Levine with Peter Winkler) (One Act, 3 Scenes, 38 min.)

Out!  (text: Winston Clark) (1997) (Male Chorus TTBB,  piano, bass, drums) (2 Acts, 23 numbers,  71 min.)

Wonderland (book and lyrics by Ernst Muller, after Lewis Carroll) (2 acts, 14 songs)(1987)

Professionally Speaking (music co-written with Fred Block; lyrics by Ernst Muller and Fred Block) 2 Acts, 20 songs, 1986)


Holiday Rounds (2000-present)

Requiem Aeternam (in memory of the victims of September 11, 2001) Chorus SATB (2001) (6 min.)

Praise of Silence (Text: Matthew Cartmill) (soprano solo, chorus SATB, Oboe, Gamba, Lute, electronic tape) 11 min. (1969)

Spring Canons  (Text: Song of Solomon II: 10-13, in Latin Vulgate) (SATB). 10 min. (1967)